Micro Surfacing can be used to prolong the life of roads that are still structurally sound but nearing the end of life for the wearing course.  Micro surfacing is an ultra-thin overlay surface course that seals cracks reducing the ingress of water. Using our in-house design services, we can carry out site specific surveys and product designs to accommodate varying PSV’s (55, 60 and 65) and other technical requirements.

We provide a one stop shop – end to end works management and delivery from traffic management through to road markings and ironworks.

Due to the fast moving nature of the installation process, Micro surfacing reduces exposure to road works for the end user and operatives. Micro surfacing is a cold applied product reducing operative safety risks and carbon emissions.

The use of a Micro Surface will reduce whole life costs and demonstrable efficiency savings.


  • Cost Effective to plane and inlay
  • Restores Skid Resistance
  • Seals existing surface
  • Reduced traffic noise
  • Minimum Disruption to public
  • Trafficked within 30 minutes
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