Kier launches UK-first surface dressing innovation

Kier and Rory J Holbrook Ltd have worked collaboratively to launch a brand-new surface dressing innovation used for the first time in Norfolk.

The team is the first in the UK surface dressing industry to introduce this type of truck, which negates the need for the use of tipper trucks. Instead, the new truck uses a conveyor system to dispense aggregate into the Phoenix Chipping machine; meaning that stopping to reload the chipping machine from a tipping truck is no longer needed.

Traditionally, tipper trucks have posed a number of issues for highways teams. In areas with a high density of overhead cables, teams need to leave the area to refill the spreading machine, slowing down the works; the new technology will make the operation 25% more efficient. This means that road repairs will take less time, road closures will be shorter and delays for the travelling public will be reduced.

Surface dressing teams have had issues with tipper trucks striking overhead cables, with some areas having up to 100 cable crossings. When these are struck they cause disruption to the road works and inconvenience to the impacted homeowners and businesses. The truck conveyer belt system means that surface dressing crews can carry out their work without the concern of striking overhead cables.

Andy Mayos at Kier, commented: “As a company we’re committed to working collaboratively with our supply chain and when Rory J Holbrook came to us with this idea, we knew we wanted to work with them to reach the optimum solution.

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